We provide consultations for a variety of different building types and project scales. Common building types include: home, garden/landscape, office/business, burial site, or ceremonial site.

After we receive your request for service, a site visit may be necessary for a thorough assessment. Then we will provide a written report, which consists of the diagnosis (including an astrological assessment) and treatment (remedy/design). Clients have the option to follow-up with further consultations.

Geomancy Consultation modalities include:

Spatial Analysis and Energetic Assessment
Space and Property Clearing and Enhancement 
Urban/Landscape/Architectural/Interior Conceptual Design

Interior Decorating

Renovation Planning

Geomantic Horticulture

Geomancy Resources (Styles):
Fundamental Considerations

Indian Vedic-Hindu-Buddhist: Dwelling in Harmony with Nature (Vastu)

  • Anthropocosmic Diagram (Vastu Purusha Mandala): Fundamental Architectural Form
  • Nine Planet Diagrams (Navagraha Mandalas and Yantras): Reception of Heaven on

  • Standard Vastu Tips
  • Correct Vastu attracts Energy (and Money)
  • Astrological (Jyotish) considerations: Integrating the Space of Earth with the Time of <Stellar-
  • Planetary> Return in the Sky
  • General Vastu Planning: Harmonizing Human Function within the Environment
  • Vastu Adapted to the Modern World
  • Vastu for Interiors
  • Creation via Vastu Science: Purusha Loves Prakriti
  • Vastu for Climate and Solar Efficient Building Design
  • Modern Landscaping with Vastu Principles
  • Positive and Negative Energy: Balancing the Five Elements
  • Proportion and Measurement: VastuShilpa and VastuKala
  • Cosmic Energy from Light, Color, and Air
  • Sunlight for Efficient Building Design
  • Hazards of Electric and Electromagnetic Radiation

Chinese Taoist Geomancy: Orientation of Environmental Harmony (堪輿 Kanyu; 風水 Feng Shui)

  • Objectives:
    • Original applications: astronomical observatories, mountain hermitages, ordinary reclusion, burial sites
    • Simple Objective: The simple objective is to treat one's environment in order to increase one's fortune, or connection with nature’s source. This is done best by combining aggressive and passive methods of remedy.
      • Aggressive: Increase energy in auspicious direction to bring good fortune
      • Passive: Deflect or remedy dangers inherent in an inauspicious direction
    • Considerations: site, location, environment, orientation, Earth meridians
  • Principles of Living Places: The real purpose of feng shui is to remedy the sickness of a place and then to enhance the life of a place through the creation of a harmonious interaction between heaven, earth, and the users of the place.
  • Environmental Features: Rural and Urban
  • Home: Orientation, Shape, Trouble Shooting, Residential Features, Gardens and Yards, Rooms, Decorating
  • Business: Lot, Main Entrance, Office, Address Numerology, Activating Wealth
  • Two Schools
    • Form School (形式派 Xingshi pai):
      • Dragon Symbolism
      • 'Dragon Pulse' (龍脈 Long Mai): True Chinese Geomancy; Dragon Lines
    • Compass School (理氣派 Liqi pai): 'Book of Changes' (易經 Yijing) numerology
      • Harmonizing Yin and Yang
      • Four Directions of Celestial Animals: 'Four Palaces' (四宮 Sigong); Facing Walls, Ideal Setting
      • Five Elements (五行 Wuxing)
      • 'Eight Trigrams and Nine Palaces' (八卦洛書 Bagua-Luoshu): Eight Remedies, East-West House Theory (orientation determination), Eight Locations Theory
      • 'Wandering Stars of Eight Mansions/Palaces' (遊星八宅 You Xing Bazhai): ‘Elemental Interplay between Palace and Star’ (宫星生克 Gong Xing Sheng Ke)
      • 'Flying Star Geomancy' (飛星風水 Fei Xing Feng Shui): 'Nine Palace Flying Stars' (九宮飛星 Jiugong Fei Xing)
      • Geomantic Compass (羅盤 Luopan)
      • Astrological (占星術 Zhanxingshu) considerations:

Hermetic: Sacred Geometry, Earth Grid, Vortex Sites, Magic Squares, Dowsing, Polyhedronic Crystal Grid, etc.


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geomancy consultation and design services:

Space and Property Energy Cleansing and Enhancement for Home, Garden, and Business



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